Monday, February 9, 2009

Where to start....

Ear infection

Just not going away

Poor baby is now allergic to penicillin!

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My poor baby girl! We had a follow up at the pediatrician last Monday. Her ear infection was not responding to the antibiotics. So, got a new script for amoxicillin which we started the same day. Almost a whole week goes by leading up to Saturday morning, and I notice two welts on Jillian's leg. Okay, we started to get some warm weather, and the little buggies were out and about....maybe an mosquito??? Maybe a spider??
We check the crib. Naturally nothing there. So, we watch the welts disappear by late afternoon. As with bug bites , I kept checking to see if they would reappear. Nothing. Now, it's Sunday morning, two new welts appear in a different area.
Coincidence?? Not! Jillian and I spent the night at Papa's house Friday night, and, Saturday night we were home. Same thing happens. The welts disappear. Monday morning (today) arrives, and the are a lot more welts on Jillian's legs! We call the pediatrician. The welts disappear by the time we get to the pediatrician.
Hives!! Jillian is allergic to penicillin. She still has an ear infection, and we now have a new script for zithromax. Sure hope this works!! Unless something happens with the new antibiotic, we have another follow up in three weeks. Keep your fingers crossed. I think we're still looking at tubes in the near future.


Jill said...

Lucy just finished her 2nd Zithromax round for her ear infection and it appears we will be going for round 3. UGH!
I hope Miss Jillian repsonds this time around!! Bless her heart!!
Glad you got to see the pic of her! She was quite the celebrity here Saturday night with everyone oohing and ahhhing over her good looks!
Did you get the envelope from Lucy?
Love ya! Me

Duchess of Lanier said...

Oh, dear! So sorry for the scare! Glad you have and answer and hope that this works and quickly. No tubes. No tubes!
Her cuteness and happiness (in the face of adverse reactions to antibiotics!) is a joy to see!
Thank you for your sweet comments. I'm a little overwhelmed this week ;O