Tuesday, February 24, 2009

But she's not even 18 months old yet.....

Can it be???
But, she's not even 18 months old yet!!! Oh alright, Jillian will be 18 months old on March 1st!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009.
Jillian expressed her very first tantrum upon leaving daycare last week. The throw yourself backwards on the floor crying hysterical kind. She wanted absolutely no part of any kind of comfort. She didn't even want to acknowledge her Papa! All because I didn't pick her up fast enough, and she wanted her daily daycare report which I had in hand.
Not that there weren't some previous signs occurring....Two weeks prior to this very first episode, Jillian started to turn her head away from food!! Not all the time, just every so often. This, an absolute shocker!!! Jillian loves her food!! Eats anything you put in front of her!! Turning away some of her favorite foods!!
Also turning away her milk, not that she a big fan of milk to begin with. She just pushes it away. Even water and juice, she just pushes her cup away on principle! If I pretend like her cup is not there, she'll pick it up and take a few sips. If I touch the cup, she tosses it overboard. This little girl KNOWS what she's doing!
She also doesn't want to let us out of her sight. If we were to move just a few inches away from her, she starts to cry. What makes me happy about that is that we don't have any attachment issues. She's VERY attached to all of us - including her Papa, Nana, Aunt Debra, and of course, her Baby!

Othe new hilights include:
A new word "NO"! Of course when we tell her no, Jillian gets upset and cries. When Jillian says no, she tilts her head at a slight angle and has a little grin on her face. Once again, this little girl KNOWS what she's doing!! February 9, 2009
Jillian also says "Happy". February 2, 2009. Also for the last month Jillian says "Nice"!

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