Sunday, March 6, 2011


... belong to Daddy, and so do Sunday naps!!
Break time for Mommy!

With working full time, carrying a pager for work, living between two houses and dedicating Saturdays to getting my sister out of the house for a FULL day of shopping, etc - my day starts very early and ends very late on a daily basis leaving very little "me" time.  

My dear hubby usually takes care of Jillian in the mornings and I take the afternoon, evening and night time hours right though the week.

Come the weekend, John is working so Jillian and I stay at Papa's in order to cut down some of the driving time and give Debra more time to enjoy a full day out for shopping, Duncan D0nuts and whatever other path we may take on a Saturday out and about.  

For those of you that don't know, my sister, Debra has cerebral palsy and is deaf.  Since my Mother's passing in 2003, I essentially became my sister's mother.

So, come any given Saturday - rain, snow sleet and hail - Jillian, Debra and I are out for an entire day for whatever may come our way.

Sunday mornings John usually gets home from work anywhere from 6:30 - 7:30 AM.  Thoughtful, loving and caring man that he is, John takes care of Jillian most of the day.

They have breakfast or brunch at the diner, and spend the day at the park/beach nearby - on the swings, the slides or just walking along the beach on the sand.  In inclement weather, they go the the local mall and spend time at the Play Z0ne.

  Often times, they both come home EXHAUSTED and then it's time for a nap!!

Talk about quality time between a daughter and her father!!

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself - selfish even - during these times and wish there was a way to have more time to dedicate to my family.  John gets time with Jillian playing and I get time with Jillian and Debra shopping, and sometimes I really just want to stay home, however, if I stay home Debra misses out.

The funny thing is that Jillian LOVES to go shopping as much as Debra does.  So I guess when we go shopping, we're playing too!  I consider myself very fortunate even with my busy schedule and I am very lucky to be able to sleep in on Sunday mornings!!

Of course, when nap time is over, Jillian reverts back to Mommy's girl!!

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Friday, March 4, 2011

So "Serious" ...

And, so grown up!!
It just amazes me how "grown up" Jillian has become for her short 3 1/2 years.
Between the "looks"" that come my way, as well as, the words that pop out of her mouth are a contsant source of wonder, laugher and surprise!
Just as Jillian snuggled in and ready to go sleep with "Baby" in hand she asked:  "What does moderate mean?"
I thought I hadn't heard her correctly, so I asked her what she had said. Sure enough I did hear her correctly. She asked what does moderate mean! I said it meant small amounts. Next question: "What does small amounts mean?" I said it meant "little bits". Then: "What does little bits mean?"
Trying to hide my laughter, I said: Okay that's enough for tonight! Go to sleep!
To which she said: "Okay Mommy."
After a couple of minutes of quiet, I thought she was falling asleep.
I then hear: "What does moderate mean?"

"Small amounts!! Now go to sleep!!"

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