Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stone Mountain, Georgia

I know!
Bad blogger these days!!
Still here!!

Many thanks to all those who have missed us, as well as, your touching concern!!!  It is very much appreciated!!

Life, new work schedules and a licencing course for work haven't been very conducive to blogging :0(
Right after our adventures in Aruba, we headed to Stone Mountain in Georgia for a Xuzhou China Family Reunion!!
We were so happy to finally meet some of the families that have become part of our extended family over the last few years!!
Our children come from the same SWI in Xuzhou, China.

Naturally, we had to have more drama as we headed to Georgia!!  Poor John passed a kidney stone just we were getting ready to meet up with the families to visit what else but Stone Mountain, and poor Jillian literally came face to face with Stone Mountain when she fell flat on her face!

Luckily she didn't do any damage although she had a small bruise on her forehead.  

After spending the weekend in Georgia, we headed home - only we didn't exactly head home.

At the airport,  Jillian came down with a fever and the runs.  We were shut out of our flight, hiked all over the airport in Atlanta for several hours, and ended up as a guest for one more night in Atlanta courtesy of Delt@!!  Long story there!

Upon our actual arrival home, Jillian ended up with an ear infection.  Poor kid was miserable!!  It took a full week and then some, plus antibiotics, and the worst diaper rash ever before she was somewhat back to normal!!

More updates to come - just not tonight.

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