Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just because it's been a while....

Some photos from August!

(This post is for you, Tina)

Loving the expressions!!
And, a head of hair that's just wild!!

We have a lot to catch up on!!

It took 9 posts just to catch here goes:

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The end of August...

....Brought the end of daycare.

We've moved on.

We're going to big girl school!!
Pre K 4 starts in September!!

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Before big girl school started....

...We went to the Bronx Zoo!
We filled the pool!!

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We went to....

...Rye Playl*nd.
We had lots of fun and some ice cream too!!

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We took the train....

....We took the subway.
We played tourists in Manhattan.
We saw the Freedom Tower.
We had dinner overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge.

(Continue on to older posts for the next
4 exciting catch up updates!!)

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