Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Different Sides of Jillian...

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The Difference....




And Large

Same photo each uploaded in different image size from small to medium to large. Learning as we go along.

Caught between two blogs....

Frustration was getting the best of me! Double posting is getting a bit crazy. Almost to the point of having writers block! So...Let's try some advice from the Duchess ;)

First photo added, then dragged and dropped

Second photo added, then dragged and dropped

Third photo added, then dragged and dropped

My Dear Duchess,

You are the BEST!! Thanks for making life a little easier! As you said, just have to work out the spacing. What I find a bit irritating now is that is that when I try to upload more than one photo at a time - I get some kind of a error that says it can't find the page. When I arrow back a page, it brings me back to the page where I upload the photos. Oh well, a work in progress!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Please pass the Cold.....

Again this post taken from our original blog. Photos posted there as well. I just haven't had time to play with uploading photos here. Oh well, time and patience are limited at the moment, and, it is a bit frustrating to do double the work with posting!

Please pass the Cold, and the Tissues, and the Cough Drops, and the Antibiotics....
We were so very fortunate to to receive Jillian into our care relatively healthy!!
Jillian is great at sharing! She shares her Cheri0s. She shares her Baby for kisses. And, she shares all sorts of colds, sore throats with her Mom and Dad!!
Since starting daycare over the summer, we've been taking turns passing around cold after cold, runny noses and several boxes of tissues, all courtesy of the wonderful world of daycare!!
Christmas week, Jillian passed on a nasty little bug complete with aches and pains and flu type symptoms to her Daddy. Just as John was feeling better, Jillian passed her little runny nose to me along with said aches and pains. Over the next week we were all feeling better.
As Jillian just appeared to have a runny nose with no other apparent symptoms, things came to a head over the last week and a half. She had several nights waking up crying and had some coughing. She was content to be held, however, would not go back to sleep. Quite unusual for Jillian who sleeps through the night. Now, I get a severe sore throat along with laryngitis - so the sleepless nights are not helping. Surely, if I feel as bad as I know I do, Jillian must feel just as bad - yet she bounces back to her normal self while at daycare.
We make a trip to the pediatrician on Tuesday, low and and behold, Jillian has her second known ear infection and needs antibiotics.
I say second known only because there is always a possibility of her being sicker than she appears. She never really indicates symptoms of being sick which sometimes makes me a little nervous. Her appetite doesn't really change. She doesn't pull at her ears. This time around with the ear infection, she was only waking up at night crying, and although soothed would not go back to sleep for sometimes several hours.
We have a follow up with our pediatrician in a couple of weeks, then it will be time to make another follow up with the pediatric ear nose and throat specialist.

Last time we were at the specialist, they suggested there would be a possibility of tubes. It looks like that that possibility will most likely will be a probability. We have to wait for the infection to clear up first, and take it from there.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still learning Blogger!


This is a work in progress as I am still learning how to use blogger. Not that is is very difficult. I am just VERY unfamiliar with how everything works here on blogger. I am all thumbs at the moment, and it was easier to upload photos on our original blog. So just bear with me in the learning process. Here's hoping it won't be to painful!

In the meantime, stay tuned with the original blog as I'll update there with pics. The link is listed on this page upper right hand corner. Thanks for your patience!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!!

Jan 2, 2009

Today, I celebrated my birthday for the first time as a Mom! One of the fondest memories I had of my birthday as a child was how my Mother made me feel like I was so very special. I had to be at least five years old at the time. I was in Kindergarten.
My Mom told me that I was SO SPECIAL that starting in December, and the whole month of January, that my name was on EVERYTHING!!
Naturally, in my wide eyed wonder, I said REALLY?? To which she replied, "Really! I'll show you!"
She showed me everything in the frig, from the milk, to the eggs, to the butter, and so on. She took me to the store and showed me everything in the dairy isle, and the meat section, even the frozen foods. And - she was RIGHT!! I was so special that my name was on EVERYTHING!! I couldn't believe it.
WOW! My name really was on EVERYTHING!!
I went to school just preening, with my head held high, and told one of the little girls in my class what my Mother had said. Naturally, she didn't believe me. I told her to go check her frig when she goes home. I told her: You'll see - I am so special that my name is on EVERYTHING!
Next day at school, this little girl came up to me and said: "You're right! Your name IS on everything!!" To which I replied: "I Know!! My Mother told me!!"
So, all you disbelievers out there, you go home and to the store, and check everything. You'll see, my Mom was right!! I am so special that MY name IS on EVERYTHING!! How's that for blowing my own whistle??
OOPPS!! Just checked my frig!! We need milk and eggs!! They Just expired: Jan 02, 2009!! At least the butter will be good for two more weeks. So much for blowing my own whistle!! LOL!!
Here's wishing a Big Thank You to my Mom for making me feel so very special!! I can only hope to aspire to be as good a Mom to my little girl!

New Year - New Blog!

I decided to start the year off with a new blog! So, until we're ready for our Grand Opening, I 'll copy the entries from our previous blog - starting with what else, but New Years Eve!
Dec 31, 2008/Jan 1, 2009
Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year!! We spent the evening with my family. John had to work a double shift. Too bad he had to miss out on all the fabulous food and festivities!! A good time was had by all!
We were all set with party hats and blowers with streamers courtesy of my Cousin Donna and Aunt Mary. The pots and pans were ready with wooden spoons for Jillian to bang on!! Poor baby was pooped out by 10 PM and was so overtired that she fought sleep. She was down and out by 10:30 PM, and missed out on ringing in the New Year.
So as not to make too much noise after Jillian was asleep, the party favors were forgotten. Sorry Donna. We know that you made an extra trip back home just to get the hats and blowers!!
We switched between the channels watching the different specials featuring Times Square. Sad to say that Dick Clarke's Rockin' New Years Eve was pitiful. After all these years, this was the worst broadcast. None of the performances were noteworthy, and none of the performers could sing without the enhancement of a studio. It was sad to watch.
On a happier note, we are so grateful for everything that has happened since our referral. So many changes for the better!! This indeed will be a very Happy New Year!!

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Happy New Year!

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