Monday, March 16, 2009

Question of the day....

This past Saturday. In the parking lot of the local supermarket , there was a family parked in the car behind us. A mother and her two children. They were very nice. They fussed over Jillian. She is Sooo cute!! Naturally, I agreed! Then they looked a little more closely, and we were asked the question of the day: "Is she part Asian??" Hmmm....and it happens every time.....I never quite know how to react to that question. Even people of Asian descent ask. I think I react a little differently every time. I guess it depends on the mood of the moment. What I mean is that it's obvious, yet, at the same time sometimes it's not so obvious. And I sometimes want to say: Well, what do you think??!!

I'm not one to find if offensive. Quite the opposite, actually. People are curious. They can't help themselves, and need to ask. After all, Jillian's features are striking - especially her hair. Naturally, questions come to mind. And, we are very open and proud of her adoption.

I think that, like women who go through a pregnancy and forget the pain of labor, we forget the pain of waiting. We have a beautiful baby, and all that time waiting, worrying, and sadness just melted away. It is as if Jillian was always a part of our family. Thrilled, happy and in unconditional love! So, no, the question of the day doesn't bother me.

We plan on making absolutely sure that Jillian knows that she is so special that we traveled across the world JUST for her! She will ALWAYS know love. She will know her culture, and she will know ours. We will make our own traditions, and we will always be a family.

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