Monday, August 2, 2010

Aruba 7 - We came home and headed to Atlanta!! Stay tuned!!!

We sill enjoyed the sun and the sand...

When Jillian and Debra weren't wearing their hats, they wore sunglasses!!

When we weren't wearing our hats and/or sunglasses, we were dancing!!!  Aside from all the drama, we all managed to have a great time!! 

And if you think this kid had a free ride....
(as you can see)
.... we made sure we put her to work!!!

Post script...... On the last day of our vacation and on the way home, poor John came down with a bad case of food poisoning complete with terrible fevers, chills, sweats and several trips to the bathroom which lasted several days!!!  Much to our relief, he was almost back to normal for our trip to Atlanta.  More on that later!

Till next time, Myruba, hope we'll have a better experience!!

Coming up next.... onto Atlanta!!

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