Monday, August 2, 2010

Aruba 6 - Bet you can't wait for this commentary!!

Back to our "rooms" story....

We started here the mini suite, which was very sweet indeed!!  On the VIP floors.  Only it was on the side of the hotel facing an alleyway and a lower rooftop air conditioning unit - not to pretty, yet you were still able to somewhat see the water.

The next day we were moved to a shoe box facing the water complete with a streaked glass deck door.  We had more drama when we were repacked and moved to this room.  Jillian and John were in bathing suits, Debra and I were not.  We went to breakfast.

When we went to re-check in, we were told that our luggage was moved to the new room, however, we would not have access to the new room for 3 more hours due to house keeping getting said room ready.

I was more than a little livid and made myself heard in the lobby - not that it helped much. 

 So much for day two of our anniversary vacation.  No bathing suits for me and Debra, no diapers for Jillian.
John and Jillian went to the beach.
Debra and I sweated, and we went shopping.

Needless to say, I wasn't exactly a happy camper.  Debra was happy to go shopping and have her favorite coffee.  I glad that at the very least, she was happy.  

Good news: our bags were found and delivered to our new room with everything intact!!  Bad news:  one of the bags was so badly damaged, we could not use it on our return home.  More bad news - the damaged was not covered by the airline - so said in the small print!!

Fourth day (second day in the second room), this happened!!

As I was brushing my teeth, the sink just FELL out of the counter!!!  I just couldn't believe it!!  It just fell out.  I can't imagine what could have happened if Jillian or Debra were in the bathroom!!

More ranting and raving from me.  They assured us it would be fixed.  More vacation hours wasted anchored to the room!!  The maintenance men finally left and said they would return in the morning.  We went to dinner and then I spent the rest of the night worrying if Debra or Jillian would injure themselves at any point during the night.

The next day we were told that we could have moved to another room the night before, only they could not find us.  Did they call their restaurants for our reservations??  No!!  Did they leave a message on our phone service??  No!!  

We saw the manager after breakfast.  Naturally I was very upset.  They showed us the room next door.  

And we ended up here!!

More repacking!!  More vacation hours wasted!!  John even helped move the extra twin bed from the second room into the third room.  It was much nicer and sooo much more roomy.

Too bad we weren't in this room to begin with!!  I would have been quite happy.  We wouldn't have had so much drama, we wouldn't have wasted sooo much of our valuable vacation time, and even if it was a lot of work keeping both Jillian and Debra happy - I would have at least felt like I was on vacation and celebrating my anniversary!!!   

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