Sunday, May 23, 2010

...Then there was B1ue Cr0ss/B1ue Shie1d

May 2010.

With all the stresses of work and the ensuing dreaded "0bamacare" and insane taxation coming our way thanks to our elected officials who were bribed and voted against our wishes, we can't wait for November!  Pay back is a B****!  We'll be voting your A**** out of here!!  

We need to protect our Constitution, and protect our freedom of speech!!
We love Glenn Beck, and may God bless America!

...And then there was B1ue Cr0ss/B1ue Shie1d....

We now have issues regarding lack of insurance when BC/BS let their contract with our network of hospitals expire.

Lack of a BC/BS contract is threatening our jobs and our hospital.  They refuse to negotiate any offers for a good contract and blame the issues on our hospitals.

I worry about my job, our health care coverage, and my hospital.  I worry that my Dad is now NOT covered by my hospital.  All his doctors practice there.  Should he need care, he is NOT covered, and will have to go elsewhere.
All thanks to BC/BS!!

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