Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A little Behind??!!


I know!! 

I'll catch up soon!!


We're all still sharing this lousy cold!!
And, poor Jillian has ANOTHER ear infection!!

Yes!  She had tubes placed in her ears.  The permanent ones too.  The ones to be removed when the doctor says it's time to take them out.

Problem is :  we don't see the tube in her left ear.  Why??!!  Don't know if it's because of the ear infection... or wax... We just have to wait until next week.  After we finish a round of antibiotics and/or we follow up with the ENT doctor.

I am so worried that she'll have to have another surgery!

To top things off, we have a physical scheduled for my sister, as well as, the usual mammogram and a routine sonogram scheduled to follow up from her gyn  exam all in the same week.
No picnic there, let me tell you.
Her disabilities make things a tad bit more difficult to complete these tasks.

God bless my co-workers who have the patience, the ability and the talent to deal with these issues!
They are very SPECIAL people!!

It takes so much of the little time that I have just to make sure everyone else is taken care of medically before I can schedule my own medical visits!!
Oh well.....one of these days......

In the meantime, some Jillian FUN to hold you over!!  And, yes, I still have to update Miss Jillian on Project Jillian 365 too!!  All those funny, sweet beautiful photos from each and every day are just waiting to be posted!!


Jill said...

Oh sweet girl, hugs from the girls and I!! :)

Jan, sorry to hear about Jillian's ear infection. Yet again! :(
Hopefully it is just that awful Asian earwax build-up, and after the antibiotic and a little ear cleaning you all will be able to see the tube!

Deb and Sean said...

Love the new look! Yikes ... sounds a bit crazy there!
Hope everyone's health is back on track soon!!!
Great photos by the way ... LOVE the texture one!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Sorry about the ear infection!

What a precious picture of your little princess! :)