Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jillian gets....

.... A very Special Valentine from Papa!!!

This painting has been hanging in our house for YEARS!!! It was given to my mother by my Uncle Andy. 
 My mother just loved it.

These days, when we look at this painting, we remember how much my mother loved it, and how my mother was so looking forward to the arrival of her grand-daughter from China.

And then we think about how much my mother would have loved and enjoyed Jillian.  We imagine her surprise looking at the referral picture that shows a beautiful little strawberry blondie from China!!  

We imagine how Jillian could be that little girl in the painting.

Every time Jillian looks at the painting, she points to it and says:  "Baby Jillian"!!
And I tell her:  "No, it's Big Girl Jillian"!!

So, as a result, my father wanted Jillian have this special memory of my mother.

Thank you, Papa!!
Love Always,

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