Sunday, January 2, 2011


...Sure was fun, as well as YUMMY!!!

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Duchess of Lanier said...

Well, my goodness, you have had a long day of posting!!!
Wow... where to start with comments?
Congratulations on getting your certification (and though I don't know what it means, Frosty looks worried!)
Love love love the streamers! We put our night owl to bed early =O Ya'll had waaay more fun!
And the cute red skirt; our girls would have been so photogenic together with their straight skirts.
And... what a darling Halloween! Huggable!
And what a sweet Mr. J. you have to present you with such indulgent presents to celebrate!
And kitchen utensils- YEAH!
And multiple Santa visits- WOW!
And, and, and...
We gotta move closer to your fun family.
If we win the HGTV Dream Home, will you come visit us in Vermont???
and count UP to 4th Birthday!
Hugs from LL and me,