Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh the Drama!!

It was a Sunday.
The last Sunday in February to be exact.

Jillian and her Daddy went out for a walk to give Mommy a much needed break. Naturally, "Baby" went with them.

After I took care of a few things in the house, I decided to go out to join them on their walk and maybe take a few pictures outside. I put my coat on, grabbed the camera, and was just about to step outside when three miserable sad sacks came in the door - Jillian, John and "Baby".

Nobody was at all happy. I couldn't imagine what happened.

Apparently, my little trio visited one the the neighbors dogs - Bailey - as we often do when going for a walk.

John had picked Jillian and "Baby" up to give Bailey a friendly pat behind the ear when the TRAGEDY occurred.

Bailey kidnapped "Baby" and a meltdown of an 8.5 earthquake ensued!

As John puts it, Bailey's Mom had to intervene and rescue "Baby".

Poor "Baby" was just a little worse for the wear - not in too bad shape - very wet and just a little messy.  However, Jillian needed some big time "Mommy Tender Loving Care"!

With a flick of the wrist as well as 6 additional back up "Babies" ready particularly for these type of situations, "Baby" was a good as new!! All was well with the world!!

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