Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

And hopefully we'll all feel better in the New Year!!
We ended 2009 with everyone pretty sick - passing the WORST head colds, coughs and sore throats we've ever had back and forth!! With the worst symptoms occurring over the last four days!
It started with Miss Jillian a couple of weeks ago. John was the next victim - sick all though Christmas. After John, my sister Debra was next to fall - just after Christmas. Then, naturally, it was my turn. Only with me, there were digestive issues that went from one extreme to the other!
Just as Jillian was finally feeling better, she started up all over again! My poor baby!
Luckily, neither my Dad or my Mother-in-law have shown any symptoms as of yet. Hopefully they will be spared. The rest of us are still feeling PRETTY MISERABLE with the exception of Jillian. She is unbelievable - happily moving along with just a couple of episodes of minor crankiness. I don't know how she does it!!
So, with that said, we wish everyone a Very Happy New Year!! And I'll post pictures after we recreate New Year's Eve for Jillian's sake. So what if New Year's Eve is off by a day or two!! Fortunately, she's at the right age where she believes anything we tell her - LOL!!! And, she'll have fun regardless of what day it is!!

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Alice said...

hi jan, thanks for commenting on my solar flare shot - i appreciate it!

are you going to put pictures in this week's i ♥ faces challenge? my daughter and i took our shots today and had a blast shooting them! i'll be watching for you :)