Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend away!!!

Saturday afternoon on the Boardwalk


Sunday on the Beach


I was all excited to show off my new truck.




Then the unthinkable happened and deflated that balloon!! Posted some pictures anyway.

We decided to take a weekend away from the world and all the latest stresses that ended the week!

We started off the weekend by celebrating Nanny's 80th Birthday (my absolutely wonderful Mother-in-Law) on Saturday with an early luncheon planned for a family celebration. Then we were off to the Jersey Shore for the rest of the weekend. Thank goodness for dear friends that offered the use of their home for us to get away!!

We took the time to regroup after the latest stresses that were heaped onto our plate in the last week. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are down one income in our household - which has the potential for a lot of problems - especially since the lease was up on my truck and we needed to put out cash for another vehicle. So, there's not much of a cushion for emergencies without the addition of another income.

So, a little time away from the world gave us a chance to regroup, reassess our situation, get resumes updated, and form a plan of action. The search is on for new employment! Hoping that prayers are with us for a quick resolution to our latest situation.

(Thanks T!! You don't know how much we needed the quickie getaway!!)

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Deb and Sean said...

So sorry to hear about your situation ... keep positive ... things have a way of working out ... just look at the lovely Jillian! And happy belated wishes to our blonde beauty ... where does the time go?