Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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My very first Mother's Day!! Truly a DREAM come true!!!

Last year, Mother's day was a tease. All I had to hold onto was a picture of this beautiful baby, 7 months old. So surreal.

A Chinese baby with what looks like reddish blond hair!!

A strawberry blond!!

Although it was the first time Mother's day was not a disappointment, there still was no baby in my arms. It was just going through the motions of a so called Mother's day.

Don't get me wrong, I was still very happy at the prospect.

However, there was still a sad longing. Still something missing.

Fast forward to today....

Talk about THRILLED!!!!

Talk about COMPLETE!!!!


Just brings tears to my eyes. Even as I post!!!

So very happy!! The ONLY thing missing is my Mom!!

So bittersweet!!

I am so saddened at the very thought! Oh, how I miss my Mom! And, how my Mom would have been so happy to see and hold her beautiful granddaughter from China!! She was so thrilled and excited at the very prospect that her granddaughter was coming from China. She was even hopeful that there would be a possibility that this adoption could be expedited due to her illness.

However, this would NOT be a possibility. Although expected, my Mom's illness and passing, came quite unexpectedly sooner than thought.

And, she did not have the opportunity to meet this beautiful and exciting personality that is our Jillian Rose.

Happy Mother's Day to all those home, all those still waiting for referral, all those waiting to travel, and all those Mom's so very deserving of this very special day!!!
Happy Mother's Day to MY Mom!!

Happy Mother's day to all friends and family!!

Happy Mother's day to my Mother-in-law!! A very special Mom whom I love dearly!!

Happy Mother's Day to one and all!!!


Jill said...

Oh Jan!! I have been waiting for your mother's day post!!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of the 2 of you!!! (can I have one perhaps??)

Sorry that you are missing your mom.... I am sure she is in heaven smiling PROUDLY at you and your precious daughter!!

Love you girl!!

Georgia Girl said...

Dear Jan,

I suppose I did not realize you had also lost your sweet mother... I am so sorry for your loss... and Jillian's. She is so beautiful and I know having her home this year was a the best gift ever!